If you have pictures/videos, send them to ''.  The two pictures below are in front of my house located in the 6400 block of Los Santos Dr.  Cross Streets are Sterns and Palo Verde Ave.  Pics were taken Feb. 2010

    Our viewer Keri located here in Long Beach submitted the pictures below.  Keri's street is the 5400 block of Debora St.  The cross streets are Los Coyotes & Willow.  Pics taken Feb. 2010.
Thx Keri..!

Long time friend, and viewer Dave, who lives on the S/E corner of Shadypark & McNab here in Long Beach, submitted the photo's below.  Pic's Left to Right are: …Dave aptly named the first picture 'Gordon's Island'.  Pic taken facing S/E.  Next pic was taken from Dave’s property and pic is facing north.  Next pic is from Dave’s property again and pic is facing N/W.  And final pic is of Dave's house and his Storm Trooper wife Lorian.  (pics were taken February 2010) Thx Dave..!


    The two pics below were taken about 2 minutes apart.  Traveling E-bound on Sterns St. between  Clark  and Bellflower.  This street always floods, and the pic with the stalled Honda shows the river running down Sterns at about 2.5 feet.  The second with the Hostess truck (and if you know anything about these trucks the wheelwell is 4 feet high) shows how deep the water is as I head towards Bellflower Blvd.  Pics taken Feb. 2010.    
    Our viewer John who lives in Seal Beach took the pic below as he was on his was to work in OC.  Said he stopped into a Starbucks and snapped this pic with his phone.  John didn't give any more details about this pic.. Thanks John..!
(submitted January 2011)
    Our viewer Dave here in Long Beach sent the video below to me.  This is a YouTube video of the floods down under in Toowoomba... 
(submitted January 2011)